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How does your website look on a mobile?

  • Very small and you can not read without pinching and zooming?
  • Takes a long time to load because of all the images?

Then you may not be providing an ideal user experience to about 61% of people (based on a report from Google) who search for your business on their phones before calling you.

A mobile optimised web site overcomes this problem by presenting just the right and relevant set of information in a specifically tailored format that works on the various smart phone devices. It not only increases the traffic to your web site by better SEO ranking but also helps in improving the conversion rate of the visitors.

We at Money Advice can help you create your own mobile optimised web site incorporating all the features that users to your site would be looking for in one complete package. When a prospect / customer opens your web site from a mobile, they will be redirected to the mobile optimised version.

Mobile optimised web sites - Features

Provide advice through best price quotes
Deliver policy, portfolio information to clients in an interactive manner
Client Data capture (financial / Mortgage) for existing clients in a protected area so that they can update their information
Client Data capture (financial / Mortgage) for new clients so that they can enter their information in a secure area
Tell your customers more about your services, news, blogs, and events through mobile optimised content
  • Choose the content you would like to include in the site
  • Manage the content through a Content Management System (CMS) 
Deliver policy, portfolio information to clients in an interactive manner
utilities like :
  • Social media integration—Twitter, Facebook page
  • Book an appointment / leave a secure message from the mobile site
  • One click to call, location based directions and contact forms